Thursday, September 18, 2008

Agent $111m, Agent Zero or Agent nothing ?

The news that Gilbert Arenas has had surgery on his knee comes as a blow to all fans of Agent Zero. 'bert is one of those players in the NBA that people tune into see. Arenas loves the spotlight and the spotlight loves Arenas.

He's already had a career of game winners or game extending three-pointers and shots that most kids would be happy to have one of.

But, now Arenas is facing his biggest challenge. A knee injury which has been bothering him for over a season already just won't heal properly. Arenas is saying he will be back in December but already there are reports contradicting that.

Let's just hope that if Gilbert is out for an extended amount of time, that he rehabs his knee first and not his mouth. That was the only annoying thing about him last season. If was as if he didn't like not being spoken about so he'd just say any ridiculous thing on his blog just so he would be in the headlines.

In the words of Mark Jackson, Gilbert "You're better than that".

Early whispers are that the Washington Wizards are going after unwanted Indiana Pacers point guard Jamaal Tinsley to fill the void. Pacers GM Larry Bird has made it abundantly clear that he'll take anything or anyone in return for Tinsely so I think we'll see a deal done soon.

It's only a fill-in move as Tinsely is garbage and no team who considers themselves a contender would want Jamaal as their point guard.

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