Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Even Nike Can't Get Tiger Woods Out Of This One.

Tiger Woods' poorly kept secret is out.

He's been fooling around behind his wife's back.

He might not have admitted it in those exact words, but if anyone thinks the "transgressions" he admits to are anything else, they are a fool.

Tiger Woods: Super golf, Super rich, Super competitive, but Superman? No.

No man is.

We are flawed and we all mistakes. Some more than others but no matter how much we don't want to, we do things sometimes that we wish we hadn't.

So what to do now?

Should Tiger make a full confession? Tell us more, tell us everything? He can if he wants or if he doesn't want to. Won't change my opinion of him. It might change others but who cares?

My opinion is that he mucked up and he has to deal with the consequences. No PR waffle, just face the music. Not even Nike can bail you out of this one. But just man up.

It's his problem and no matter how good a golfer he is, if Elin doesn't forgive him, then he's blown his perfect family life with her.

Even if she does forgive him, things won't be the same again.

And for that he's only got himself to blame.

The best she or they could do is just admit what's happened and move on.

Look at David Beckham and Posh. Posh still refuses to believe that Becks was mucking around she just looks plain stupid. Money hungry and stupid. She'd rather have his fortune and wealth than her own dignity.

I don't know Tiger or Elin, but she seems like a pretty good wife to him. I don't know if she cooks or cleans but she doesn't go out trying to make herself famous for being his wife. It looks like she loves Tiger Woods the person, not the billion dollar golfer. She conducts herself well and stays out of the spotlight.

Like any athlete who spends a lot of time on the road, Tiger Woods must have women - skanky and sexy - absolutely heaving themselves at him everywhere he goes.

It's part of the life of an athlete or any celebrity. They must know that the attention they get from girls is not always genuine, but when it's constantly on a plate like that, yeah, it must be hard sometimes.

Still, it doesn't excuse anyone.

Not even Tiger Woods.

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