Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Poms Go Nuts Over KP

The Daily Hurt takes a quick look at events in the Cricket world today.
  • After losing a test series for the first time since South Africa were re-admitted to the World Cricket stage in 1992, England's captain Michael Vaughan resigned. The high point of Vaughan's captaincy was obviously the 2005 Ashes triumph. Vaughan was an OK captain but Freddie Flintoff was the main reason behind England's defeat of Australia for the first time in 18 years. As a batsmen, Vaughan was pretty decent and he'll now hope that he can regain that touch without the burden of leading his team.
  • England continue to live off that historic 2-1 series victory over Australia from 3 years ago. The Poms certainly deserved to win that series and it was probably the best Test series ever in Cricket's history, but since then, England have rapidly returned to a mid-range team since. Injuries have played their part, but more so, once England scaled the heights on defeating Australia, they lost their focus and weren't able to use the win to dominate the Cricket world.
  • England have appointed South African born Kevin Pietersen as their new captain. Fair enough, after Andrew Flintoff struggled when he was given the job on an interim basis a couple of years ago, the Poms really didn't have many other options. Andrew Strauss isn't good enough. Ian Bell ? Bell can bat when he's facing rubbish but he's not a captain's backside.
  • If KP can keep control of his ego, yet captain his side with the same aggression with which he bats, then atleast England might be in with a chance more often than not. As long as Flintoff is fit, then England are a chance in every test, but big Freddie struggles with his weight and the occasional night on the fizz.

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