Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rice Fries Beijing's Water

For Australia's newest swimming sensation, Stephanie Rice, her debut Olympic Games ended as they begun with yet another Gold Medal, this time in the women's 4X200m relay.
  • This win by Rice and her swim mates is great for her, great for her country and great for this blogger as it allows him to post yet another gratuitous photo of her under the guise of her achievement's in the pool !

  • The USA has just defeated Greece in the Men's basketball. In fact, Team USA thumped them 92-69. Greece was the last team to defeat the American's at the World Championship's two-years ago, so while it's still at the round-robin stage, the USA will feel as though they're on the right track towards redemption.

  • Tennis isn't the most glorious of Olympic sports, but Roger Federer's rough '08 continues as he was defeated by James Blake in straight sets. There's something missing from big Rog these days, I think it's just a lack of motivation after dominating the world for the best part of 5 years.

  • There has been a few controversies in the last few days in relation to some dubious judging decisions. In boxing and gymnastics especially, there have been some tense moments and last night things in the Men's Greco-Roman wrestling came to a head when a Swedish wrestler felt his performance was worth more than his bronze medal. Ara Abrahamian tore his medal from his neck, threw it on to the podium and stormed off !

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