Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Chicago Bulls are on the clock

With only two more days to go until the NBA Draft for 2008, the rumour mill now kicks into overdrive. Sorting the fact from fiction really isn't too hard because most things we hear is just newsreel fillers but it's always fun to hypothesize over what's being said.
  • ESPN's Chad Ford is reporting that Miami is looking to trade away the Number 2 pick in the draft in order to land a top quality point guard and still have a high draft pick further down. I doubt it happens but the Raptors and the Heat could work a deal involving TJ Ford & Nesterovic for Shawn Marion. This would address Miami's point guard situation while giving the Raptors are quality defender who can rebound aswell. Marion isn't a great offensive force in that he can't create his own shot, but he is so athletic that he gets lots of tip-ins, alley-oops and put-backs that it wouldn't be a huge problem. With only one year left on his contract, it looks like it would be a good fit for Toronto. You're welcome Bryan!
  • The TJ Ford & Rasho Nesterovic for Jermaine O'Neal deal seems to have lost momentum, numerous sources are reporting that neither team wants to take a risk on the incoming players' injury ! I doubt that this deal is dead in the water though but as it stands right now, TJ's contract means that he can't be traded before July 1st anyway. We might get a hint if it is still alive tomorrow night because if the Raptors still have their pick(slated to be 17th right now), it might be taken on behalf of the Pacers'. We'll see.
  • Shawn Marion elected not to opt out of the final year of his contract. He and the Miami Heat couldn't agree on an extension. I will say right now that Marion will not be with the Heat for the full season as his expiring contract will be in high-demand for clubs looking to clear cap space. Marion is one of the most versatile players in the league, but he will be sought after more this season as a financial commodity rather than for one of his many on court talents.
  • Miami have reportedly tried to grab Mike Conley and the 5th pick from the Memphis Grizzlies for the 2nd pick. This suggests that Miami expect Derrick Rose to be taken first by the Bulls. The Heat desperately need a quality PG so it's understandable that they want Conley. The Grizz would be mad to trade him though, he had abit of an injury riddled rookie season, but expect big things from Conley this season.
  • Baron Davis isn't opting out of the final year of his contract either. B-Diddy is a big-time player but he, like Marion could find himself with a new team before the end of this season. A report out of Detroit is saying that the Pistons are interested. I'm not sure he quite fits the Pistons style of play but there are ever growing rumblings that Joe Dumars is shopping Chauncey Billups.

more info to follow later in the day

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