Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the silly season begin

As the city of Boston swings into full-on party mode, us non-Celtics fans look forward to next season. Firstly though, a few other notes and titbit's from the the finals:
  • 'Only' 22 people were arrested on the night the Celtics claimed their 17th NBA crown.....the basketball fans have let the city down a little considering there was a near riot when the Red Sox won the World Series.....c'mon Celtics fans, lift your game, let's see if you can crack atleast 100 arrests by the end of the parade today
  • Kevin Garnett kneeling down to smooch Boston's famous leprechaun was a bit much. Firstly, he ripped that off Allen Iverson who did it on his first trip back to Philadelphia as a member of the Denver Nuggets. Iverson's gesture was one of genuine affection to the team and fans that gave him his start in the NBA. So, KG really should have done it in Minnesota to show that he still loved that city and their planting a smacker in Boston is like he's sticking it to his old team.
  • The scariest part of Kobe and the Lakers quitting was that Kobe didn't even appear to be embarrassed by it all. Instead, he looked like he was just a bit bugged by the crowd giving it to him and he just wanted to go home and cry. He should have been hurting so much that he was already plotting his revenge for next season.
  • It's also not the first time Kobe has given up without a fight. Game 7 of the first round against the Phoenix Suns in 2006, the Lakers got pumped by 31. LA led that series 3-1 at one stage too. For all his skills and talents, Kobe isn't a fight-to-the-death guy.
  • The trade rumour mill will now swing into full-on mode. Most of what we hear won't happen, but as always, there will be a few. TJ Ford is an absolute certainty to go from the Raptors but to where is hard to say right now.

More to follow later.....

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