Friday, June 13, 2008

Celtics on the brink

Wow - who saw that happening......the Lakers up by 24 (45-21) in the second period somehow blew their lead and most likely their shot at winning the NBA title this year.
Not much to say other than the Lakers were very poor in the second half and Boston very good. The Celtics moved the ball well, attacked the hoop and everyone contributed. The Lakers got sloppy and probably thought the game was over at half time. Derek Fisher made some particularly bad decisions.
Eddie House and James Posey were very effective off the bench for Boston, especially when they replaced Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins who suffered injuries.
Rondo is still afraid to take the wide-open looks that the Lakers give him. For a professional basketballer, he needs to make the opponents pay, or atleast take the shot and show that he's not scared.
On last nights evidence, the Lakers will struggle to even extend this series to six games. Their chance comes on Sunday night, again at Staples Center.

Some other basketball stuff:
  • Crooked referee Tim Donaghy has apparently claimed that some playoff games were fixed in the past. He didn't exactly specify which games but based on his statement, one of them was the Lakers V Kings Western Conference Series in 2002. Unless he has some irrefutable evidence, then his word is meaningless. That game had some odd officiating trends, yes, but Donaghy needs indisputable evidence that the refs were deliberately acting out of their duties otherwise it's just words from Donaghy.
more to follow later in the day....

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