Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Dollars the order of the day

Another day, another few million more dollars thrown around.
  • Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards agreed six-year $111m contract. Agent Zero could have earned as much as $127m from the Wizards but felt that he didn't need the extra $16m. According to 'bert, he didn't want to financially impact his teams' ability to be able to continue to sign players down the road. That was awfully generous of him, I heard he now plans on saving the whales from Japanese 'fisherman'. Gilbert is a good player but I think Washington have overpaid him here. They made the playoffs - comfortably - without him last season and I think they could have spent their money more wisely. Time will tell though as in Caron Butler & Antawn Jamison and Arenas all entering their prime, if the Wiz are going to seriously challenge for an NBA title, it will be in the next couple of years.

  • Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets agreed on a new four year contract. The first three years are guaranteed with the fourth being a player option. At its entirety, the deal is worth $68m to CP3. The Hornets have one of the most promising teams in the league and with Paul at the controls, they figure to be a contender for the NBA title from as early as next season.

  • Baron Davis is said to be comfortable with friend & potential teammate Elton Brand taking his time to mull over the offer Brand received from the Golden State Warriors. After Davis himself bolted from the Warriors for his hometown LA, Golden State have tried to entice Brand to Oakland with a $90m contract. I think Brand will stay in LA, but you never know.

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