Monday, July 14, 2008

Clippers hoping money talks

The LA Clippers are hoping that the saying "Money Talks" proves true to them this week as they go about resurrecting their hopes for the 2008-09 season. They struck an early blow by swaying star PG Baron Davis away from the Golden State Warriors but that party was over just after it began when they lost PF Elton Brand to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Regardless of Brand's agent, David Falk's meddling in the situation, Brand is done with Clippers and that's all that counts.

With some talented free agents such as 76ers G/F Andre Iguodola and F Josh Smith not yet signed up, the Clippers are going to throw as much money as they can afford to in order to offset the loss of Brand and to give their supporters reason for optimism again.

The biggest factor going against the Clippers is that, well, they are the Clippers. They have never been anything other than the ugly sister of one of basketball's most glamorous cities. Everything that is cool about the Lakers, is uncool when it comes to the Clippers. What is a Clipper anyway ?

Whatever it is, Clippers' coach Mike Dunleavy and owner Donald Sterling will need to hope that enough money can persuade someone like Iguodola or Smith to ignore the Clippers' long history & tradition of losing and sign with LA-lite.
Charlotte Bobcats PF Emeka Okafor is another name being mentioned by the Clippers. Emeka is a double-double machine, but his offensive game is limited. He is a very solid player defensively but it is risky to spend a truckload of money on a guy who can't really dominate at the offensive end.

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