Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sign me agents start negotiations

The first day that free-agents could begin negotiating new contracts kicked off yesterday.
  • The big news of the day was Baron Davis opting out of the final year of his contract with the Golden State Warriors. B-Diddy left $17.8m on the table and has reportedly agreed a five-year $65m deal already with the LA Clippers. Two seasons ago when the Warriors smashed the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, things were looking bright in Oakland, but since then GM Chris Mullin has lost his two best players. Firstly, he traded away Jason Richardson to save some money and now Baron Davis has walked away. Just as GSW appeared to be on the verge of something special, now they look set to return to being perennial playoff strugglers again.

  • If Monta Ellis stays with the Warriors, he should be in for a big season. If the Warriors can land another PG, and we're hearing that they're pursuing former player Gilbert Arenas, then Ellis can stay in his off-guard role. If they can't land someone though, Monta may move over to play PG. Alot of 'ifs' right now in San Fran.

  • Ron Artest now says that he regrets not opting out of his contract. zzzzzzzz Ron, same old same old with him. Ron is a good player but he comes with heavy, heavy baggage.

  • Corey Maggette still hasn't found a home. Sacramento, Orlando, Boston (and while unlikely, he could even still remain a Clipper) are the teams still vying for his services. When healthy, Maggette is a good scorer who attacks the rim and gets to the line. No teams appears to be throwing huge dollars at him though which tells us that there are a few concerns with regard to either his health or his attitude.

  • The Charlotte Bobcats are negotiating with Emeka Okafor. Emeka beatout Dwight Howard for rookie of the year honours in 2005, but since then, he really hasn't been able to cement his game, especially at the offensive end.

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